Sunday Production CD Album 89 release.

01- មិនយកទោសព្រោះសេ្នហ៍ (ស្រីពៅ)
02- ភ្នំពេញនឹកកំពង់ចាម (ប៊ុន សក្តិ)
03- ជ្រុះបាត់សន្យា (សាលី)
04- នេះឫជាសេ្នហា? (តាតា)
05- ខំរៀនទាំងធ្លុះបេះដូង (ប៊ុន សក្តិ)
06- សេ្នហ៍គេមួយខែឆក់សេ្នហ៍បីឆ្នាំ (សាលី)
07- បងយំព្រោះអូន (មូនីកា)
08- សល់ត្រឹមកាកសំនល់សេ្នហ៍ (តាតា)
09- មិនធ្លាប់គិត (ស្រីពៅ)
10- កុំភ្លេចសន្យា (ប៊ុន សក្តិ)

Sunday album 89 now release with many good songs, you can see ប៊ុន សក្តិ songs in this album as well. Before, he was in SSB but since there was no new CD release from SSB, you couldn't hear his sound for along time, and now he's back!
Should we name this album "ប៊ុន សក្តិ returns!"


pheng said...
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Anonymous said...

Now I see that Sunday has many sweet songs for me to listen, and many super stars in this production! Keep on your track guy...

Anonymous said...

I love the lyrics. I normally don't listen to cambodian song but I'm starting to enjoy it more and more. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

I love the song on track 2. So far it is my favorite song. Very good lyrics.

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