M Production CD Vol.10

[M] Album 10 release today with cool TOP SONGs from Cambodia pop singers "កែវ​ វាសនា" "Zono" "កូឡា" "ប៊ុណ្ណារ័ត្ន" and a few other top artists.

01- ណាត់កន្លែងបង្ហូរទឹកភ្នែក (រ័ត្ន+តាក់ម៉ា)
02- ឈប់ទ្រាំ (រ័ត្ន)
03- មិនយល់ (តាក់ម៉ា)
04- ខូចចិត្តទុកមុន (យុទ្ធ)
05- សេ្នហ៍អស់ដង្ហើម (កូឡា+ធីណា)
06- ស្រាបីកែវ (វាសនា)
07- ឈឺហួសស្មាន (ហ្សូណូ)
08- ចង់នៅក្បែរអូន (កូឡា)
09- ព្រហើន (រ័ត្ន)
10- ល្ងង់ (វាសនា)

KhmerChat.org - Cambodia Chat Site

I'm glad to announce that today my new site KhmerChat.org is up and ready for everyone to have fun and chat with new friends! It's new so if you have friends, let them know about it, as I will continue adding new features, it will be more fun and let's make it BIG!

Khmer Chat --> KhmerChat.org

I hope you guys will love it ;p

Sunday Cd Album 91 (For Khmer New Year)

Happy Khmer New Year 2009!!

Most wanted album released from SUNDAY PRODUCTION, this is a gift to all of Cambodian music lovers and wish you all have a great new year!

Sunday Cd Album 90 (Super Dance)

01-​ បេះដូង​Play Boy (TATA)
02- បើកលុយ (មន្ត+ពៅ+DJ Kdeb)
03- មន្តសេ្នហ៍ស្រីខ្មៅ (ពៅ)
04- ចង់ទៅណា? (មន្ត+DJ Kdeb)
05- រាំនឹកខ្ញុំ (មន្ត+ពៅ)
06- Baby one more time (TATA)
07- Let's go (ពៅ)
08- មិនមែន Freshy កុំច្រឡំ (មន្ត+ពៅ)
09- បងមន្តសង្ហាទេ (មន្ត+DJ Kdeb)
10- បងដូចដួងផ្កាយ (ពៅ)

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