KhmerLiveBox Media Player v1

We've finally made it!

A special media player that play your favorite music and video on your desktop. KhmerLiveBox Media Player is free software and it runs on windows which can play custom music and video files (*.klbaudio and *.klbvideo).

below is a link to download your copy of khmerLiveBox Media Player:

Click here to download .

----Video Demo----

In this video preview, it doesn't show the picture of played video because our screen capture program can't capture video playing from window media player. This demo show how our player works and when you open big size files it will take a bit longer to load.


Anonymous said...

i love your site but your player program is fuck. it's sometime make my pc crash. i'm can not take your music file converte to mp3. your player dont have play list. hey ya it so fack.

Anonymous said...

├Żour player made my pc slowly when i open music.. not next and back button.. what's the program u create not support more audio n vdo????

Jack said...

The player is working fine for me. Does anyone here tell me how to convert those files to MP3 extension?

ZhanZ said...

Hi friend,

This program using window media player to play music n video. you can not convert it to any file because the file is embed into the player.

There is no need for you to convert these files, if you need the mp3 or video files, you can get it in the file information link in the player. I'm working to finish this function and soon you can enjoy it. However you can't expect to get the good quality of the mp3 and video extension that provided for free.

Please remember this player is primarily developed or entertaining and educating purpose only, you don't have to pay for it, but please respect everyone's work.

I've test it with my computer and it's working fine, didn't slow down my computer, so if you have problems, can you let us know about your computer details: windows version ; cpu or memory etc.. so we can know if it is the cause of this problem.

Thank you for your feedback and supports.

Site Administrator.

PK said...

Honestly, you did a great job by protecting the file and not letting people convert it regarding the copyrights issue. However, what you are doing right now is already illegal. I don't get it why you are doing this? I am a programmer as well and I'm sure if I spend time to look at it I will be able to work something out of this file =) . By the way your media player Kplayer is already exist... becareful they might charge you if don't know about it please google KMplayer you will see the program. I'm working on a media player as well... good luck bro! I'm just sharing my thought with you , i hope you wouldn't mine me. Feel free to drob by my site and

ZhanZ said...

KhmerLiveBox Media Player is a player that play only our published media files, we aim to provide the best entertainment service for Khmer people around the globe to enjoy Khmer entertainment industry. However we didn't provide direct or original quality media downloads in a way of illegal purpose. we act like a promoter, user can only play it on their computer (with our player only) but they can not copy it and play anywhere else, so when they like the media they will support the producer by looking for their CD in the shop.

To PK:

I don't understand what you mean KhmerLiveBox Media Player is already exist, is there any player that you found it look like this player? I've check out the KMplayer , and I don't think that it is like ours.

When you said about illegal issue, be careful because I see one of your site is trying to do something that you're talking about.

Finally, I thank you so much for sharing your though with me, and if you want to contact me, just add me (a.zhann) to your msn messenger.

Site Administrator.

PK said...

On did you see the disclaimer ? that's the justification

Anonymous said...

i using the ms. windows xp sp3 oem CPU 2.0GHz and ram 1.5GHz. my pc using the K-life program for read compress avi. when i play your program is working properly but i turn off it my cpu it crash and get hight to 100% process.
please try to improve your program.

ZhanZ said...

Thank you, and did it crash all the time when you close the app?

Anonymous said...

!!!can not play .klbvideo it's just stuck.!!!!

Just some comment about this,
there 's no way u can stop poeple from copying your music or video.

but it's great try for your software.

anyway if you like to share please make it easy for others.

No one smart like you're a programmer.

Those songs or movies you put here they are illegal already doesn't matter what of software you have.

ZhanZ said...

The Player is just working fine, please download the last version, you may use the old beta version which can't play the videos.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

how to do i fast forward the movie or song ? how to convert or burn to cd , dvd thanks. ??? can not answer shut your mouth ...

Nisal said...

you done well on this program !! It's awesome !!! however, I belive that u can add more bottom like back or next. Keep going mate, Show them what khmer people can do ...... I am on your side

Anonymous said...

i love ur site but if i want to listent song in your program always error.cant watch Karaoke.i hope will be good soon,

Anonymous said...

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